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About Me

I’m the managing editor for digital and data journalism at The Marshall Project, a nonprofit, nonpartisan news organization covering crime and justice in America. At the Marshall Project, I’m part of the team that built The Next To Die, a data-rich project tracking executions in 10 states.

I specialize in investigative, data and interactive journalism, including:

A veteran reporter and editor, I’ve taught data and investigative reporting skills to journalists and students at conferences and universities around the world.

I live in New Jersey, where I co-founded Hack Jersey, a group of journalists and programmers working together to improve the news.

In my free time, I enjoy playing and watching soccer and brewing my own beer.


My email address is hello at the_domain_name_of_this_site.

If you’d like to email me securely (and I encourage you to do so), you can download my PGP public key. The short ID is 75B830CF and the fingerprint is 4569 F218 5ED4 C2E2 C453 348D 9FE7 6EF1 75B8 30CF. To confirm my identity, you can also find my key at the website of The Marshall Project. You’re welcome to call me at The Marshall Project for additional confirmation that I am who I say I am.

To get started with encrypting email, I recommend you read John Keefe’s walkthrough for beginners.

For OTR instant messaging, you can find me at

If you see any typos, broken links or other weirdness on the site, please help me out by filing a bug report on Github.