Can I still hire a Thunderdomer?


Thunderdome was Digital First Media’s centralized news hub, providing content, support and coordination to local newsrooms in the country's second-largest newspaper chain. It was shuttered in the spring of 2014, sending dozens of us looking for jobs.

We are producers, reporters, designers, editors, developers and journalists of all kinds. You can read up on what we've been doing and where we all landed since Thunderdome closed in 2014.

Some of our alumni now work at the New York Times, the Guardian, Conde Nast, Reuters, the New York Daily News, The Marshall Project, Storyful and many other places. Others have launched their own businesses or accepted fellowships, including the prestigious John S. Knight Journalism Fellowship at Stanford.

While we've all landed well, you may still be looking for help in your newsroom. If you want to talk to someone from Thunderdome who has the skills you need, email us, and we'll put you in touch with our colleagues.