Tracking executions
with 9 newsrooms

Collaborative Journalism Summit, Montclair, N.J.

Tom Meagher
The Marshall Project

"When and where
is the next execution?"

led to

" The Next To Die "

Built by Gabriel Dance, Tom Meagher & Andy Rossback

Make it human without putting a face on it

Only humans recognize
the passage of time.

Shifting Shadows

The Gathering Dusk

Changing bar charts with embedded keys

Smoothing out outliers

Rewriting the narrative

To do all this,
we needed reliable data

Make it easy to gather info

  1. Write 500-word summary of coming case
  2. Send a raven when status changes

Make it easy to contribute back

Offer something in return

Making partnerships work

  • Have a single contact in a partner newsroom
  • Serve as air traffic controller
  • Make partners comfortable that your editorial values and standards are shared.

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