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Brooklyn reporter eaten by vampires!

I can think of no better way to launch this new experiment in blogging than to sadly note the passing of an icon of American journalism. As it was reported earlier this week, the venerable Weekly World News will soon go dark. This fine purveyor of insane fictional columnists and alien abductions has entertained shoppers at grocery stores nationwide for decades. The progenitor of The Onion, The Colbert Report and Fox News, it developed a devoted cult following. It died at 28.

On that note, I’ll briefly introduce this site. I hope it will serve as a platform for me to share some of my experiences and work as a newspaper journalist in computer-assisted and investigative reporting. I also plan to share techniques and Web resources that I find useful in my daily reporting. It will pay for you to keep an eye on the “Cool Resources” and “Reporting & CAR” feeds on the right column.

In my spare moments, I hope to be able to comment on one of my other passions: soccer. Let’s see where this all leads us. Thanks for tuning in.