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Must crawl before walking.

I’ve been putting off posting here for weeks, hoping inspiration would strike, or I would suddenly find a bounty of free time to think of something really insightful.

None of this happened, so I’ll drop a few tidbits of news and links to some friends, and hope I can get things rolling here again shortly.

First, I’m no longer my paper’s CAR reporter. Last month, I was promoted to city editor. I can just hear you, in your best Maude Lebowski tone, saying to yourself “And proud we are of you…”. Yes, it’s a nice new job to throw me back at the bottom of a steep learning curve. Thankfully, some friends have been giving me some advice.

So for the time being, let me just say I promise to post again soon. There’s loads of cool and exciting things happening on the Web that should make journalists informed and nervous (in a good way, like a roller-coaster ride). They should keep you busy for a bit.

 And let me pass on a couple of old nuggets from a former editor: get out of the newsroom, and use your e-mail addressbook as a way to cultivate sources.

So stop obsessing over this season of “The Wire” and step up your game, people. I’m trying to.